As most of the people don’t know that the first search engine was Archie started in 1990. After that many search engines came into existence but only a few proved to be leaders. Google, Bing & Yahoo are top 3 of them. But there are many types of search engines.

  1. text/content search engine
  2. images search engine
  3. jobs search engines
  4. local search engines

and much more…

as the technology advanced many innovators laid the path for new ideas and created many types of search engines for the specific purposes.

List of all Search Engines:

  1. Google(totally 201 domains including all country level domains. check the complete list here). It covers organic, news, images, videos, maps, books, flights,
  2. Yahoo(totally 29 domains including a combination of countries and their popular languages. check for yahoo domains list)
  3. Bing(poor bing, its just main only one domain

The above 3 stands in the top: the rest follows below.

2 Baidu
3 CompuServe Search
4 Ecosia
5 Ecosia
6 Egerin
7 EntireWeb
8 Everyclick
9 Exalead
10 GoodSearch
11 Lycos
12 Qwant
13 Sogou
15 Teoma
16 Yandex
17 Youdao
18 Hulbee
19 Yippy

when it comes to privacy and you want your searches to be private then visit these websites below. These search engines claim to be private but the reliability depends on your belief.

Do we really need to do target all these websites while doing SEO? the answer is no need. Concentrate on the major search engines Google, Yahoo & Bing. These 3 have the maximum share.

1 DuckDuckGo
2 Gigablast
3 My Private Search
4 ixquick
5 startpage
6 privatelee
7 Disconnect Search
8 Lukol
9 MetaGer