In SEO, choosing the right and best keywords for your home page and for your internal pages is a key job. As you read, RIGHT & BEST keywords have a lot of difference. Before going directly into the subject, you should know about Long Tail and Short Tail keywords.

Long Tail Keyword: A keyword which has more than 3 words is called as long tail keyword.

Short Tail Keyword: A keyword which has 3 words or less than 3 words is called as short tail keyword.


For Blogs:

Whenever you write an article on your blog, make sure your title should be longer than 5 words and it should be less than 80 characters including spaces is advised. I don’t recommend using multiple keywords for your blog articles.

For home page, choose the short tail keywords separated by pipe symbol(|). Otherwise, you can choose your theme of your blog as a title.

The next important factor is, the main words in the title should be 100% relevant to the body content. It means the main words should be available in the body content. Take the help of this tool keyword prominence checker to find out your relevancy checker.

Latent Semantic Indexing is an another factor. Google also checks the semantical words in your body content. When you write article naturally instead only for SEO purpose, the semantical words will naturally gets integrated and there is no special attention required to recheck this existence in the article.

Make sure your company’s web pages has more than 500 articles. After the Google Panda’s update website with thin content were washed off from the top 10 ranking. As long as people show interest in reading your webpage, your web page will perform better. As always Content is King.


For Company or Business related websites:

For business related websites or company websites choosing a single long tail keyword is not advised as it lessens the chances of getting more visitors. After doing the thorough keywords research, if possible have more web pages in your company’s website so that you can target more keywords.

After doing the thorough keywords research, choose 2 or 3 keywords separated by the pipe symbol(|) is a wise decision. If your targeted keyword is a long tail keyword or exceeding the limit of 60 characters in the title tag, then I would recommend choosing only one keyword for the web page.

From my personal experience, I have seen wonderful SEO results through creating many web pages rather than having a single page website. More web pages enhances your opportunity to target many keywords and hence you get more traffic.

2 or 3 keywords strategy should not be applied to the blog? the main reason is: the main purpose of writing a blog article is to explain about some issue or topic, in those scenarios choosing one single long tail keyword would fetch more visitors rather than 2 0r 3 short tail keywords.

If you have observed in the past few years there has been a drastic change the way the SEO is working. By introducing the Artificial Intelligence, Google had changed its perspective in choosing the right web page to be shown to the user. It not only checks our SEO factors but it studies the user behaviors like bounce rate, average user time on a web page and such many factors in deciding the ranking factor.