Opening multiple URL’s from excel, word, text editors becomes the most irritating job. I’m writing this article to guide you some good chrome extensions to open multiple URL’s at once as just like copy and paste. I’m listing down that list which I have personally used and tested with good results.

Copy All Urls

It is a chrome extension with very simple features.

  1. visit this page to download/add this extension to your chrome browser. Once it is successfully added to your Chrome browser, you can see an icon like this 


2. Now you can copy the URLs from anywhere like MS Excel, MS Word, Text Editor or from anywhere. I’m showing an example from text editor below. Copy all the URL’s(make sure they have “http” or “https” added to the prefix. Otherwise the URLs will not open)

3. Use left Click on this Icon to see “Copy” and “Paste” options. Now click on “Paste” option.

4.  Once you click on the “Paste” option, all the links will be opened in multiple tabs in the Chrome window. It is a good practice to paste the links in the new window as it will be easier to have all the links in a separate window to track all the tabs easily.

It can also copy all URLs from all the open tabs. To test this feature, open multiple pages in a window and simple click on “copy” option in the above image to copy all tabs.


Open Multiple URLs

It has only one feature to open multiple URL’s but you cannot copy the opened tabs in Chrome browser. You can try the Chrome extension at open multiple urls