The main purpose of SEO is to grab the organic traffic to our website. Does single page website is able to grab more organic traffic? Let’s see into the subject.

SEO Reason:

Let’s say you have a company website which is into dentist business and your business offers 13 various types of services like teeth cleaning, endodontics, orthodontics, oral surgery etc. The SEO person will design a strategy to create 13 web pages for 13 services provided by the business. As people search for individual service name our web pages will be shown according to it. Let’s say you have targeted 2 keywords for each service that means now you can target up to 13 services multiplied by 2 keywords per page is 26 keywords.

If you have a single page website, how many keywords will you be able to target? The answer is a maximum of 3. The reason is each web page cannot target more than 3 keywords usually since the maximum title length can be in the range of 60-80 characters.

This is one of the main reason why shouldn’t use single page websites. The design might look compelling but you will not be able to grab more traffic to your website


Mobile Experience:

Single page website is trending these days since it is easy to setup and they are mobile responsive too. As long as your services are limited it looks great. Websites like themeforest are selling readymade theme so it is easy to deploy to your server and you might not need a technical person support.


Local Business websites:

If you have a local business website with only one type of service then single page website might not harm your organic traffic. Make sure your website is listed in the local business listing and it is well optimized to receive the organic traffic.


Paid Advertisements:

If you want to proceed to advertise your business online using Google Adwords, Bing Adcenter, Facebook Advertising etc, then you will face trouble to highlight your services. It is hard to target users to specific service you’re providing.

When a user clicks your advertisements, his/her intention is to see the particular content instantly but in single page websites, all your clicks will land to only one page that is a home page. It will affect your conversions.


Webpage Loading Time:

Web page loading time is one of the important factors in SEO. If all the content, CSS and Javascript files etc are stuffed into the single page, it takes more time to load your web page and hence it may affect your website negatively.

It is important to consider all these factors before buying the single page website. If you’re still in dilemma whether to buy a single page website or not, contact me through the contact form and provide your purpose and I will help you out of it.