Buying a domain name is the easiest job in the world. Just visit a Domain Name Registrar’s like(,, etc) and select the domain name you wish to buy and make the payment. It will be registered in just minutes. There are hundred’s of registrar’s available on the internet.  It was easier in the past and easier now as well but there are many other things to consider before buying a domain name.

Domain Name with SEO Keywords?

Still many people have a belief that SEO keywords including domain names with fetch lot of traffic to their websites. Example: this domain name has keywords like “florist” and “dallas”. But remember Google has officially announced that it’s not considering the words in the domain name for optimizing the websites in search engines.

Having a keyword in a domain name is not at all a crime. Many successful websites do have keywords in their domain name. So stop worrying about the keywords in the domain name and think about a wonderful brand name.


Brand Name:

A name is not a brand until and unless it is made. choosing a unique name is an important part of a domain name registration which can be pronounced, spelled and remembered easily.


Unique Name:

Type the domain name in the Google and check if someone is already using the name. I will share a personal experience with you related to this uniqueness in the domain name. I was working on a website name “People Prime Worldwide”. when I googled, already there are few other companies working with the name “People Prime” and when I checked the domain names like, etc were already registered and active on the internet. Finally, the domain name was registered for their business purpose.

As per the above example: choose a domain whose words are not all used by others. It helps users to find your website easily otherwise even Google will get confused which website should be displayed to the user.

I’m facing the issue with my domain name( If you google with the words “SpeakTechnical” Google is showing the LinkedIn page of “SpeakTech” company( as the first result. I’m actually planning to move to another domain name.

Most of the people visit our website by googling our domain names rather than visiting directly the main reason behind this is it has become harder to remember thousands of domain names.

So I suggest rechecking over the internet to make sure your business name, as well as your domain name, is unique.

Domain Name Length:

consider the length of the domain name as short domain names are easier to remember than long domain names. If the domain name is shorter then URLs of the internal web pages will have more space. Do you know the longest domain name in the world? It is

Can you remember it?


Domain Name Extensions(.com, .org, .net etc)

If you have a local business then it is good to register with your country level domain name extension Example: (Australia – – & .in)(United Kingdom – etc. Local business needs people around the business location in such scenarios having a country level extension helps and it will be easier to find & register a domain name in your country level extensions rather than a global extension( .com, .org, .net).


Trademark Issues

Nowadays trademark issues is a very rare issue you might come across. During the initial days of the internet boom, there have been multiple conflicts between the businesses and domain name owners. Most of the times people used to register the domain name of the existing businesses. In many cases, it has created havoc. After many conflicts governments came forward to solve this problem with a new rule by saying that people cannot register existing business name in .com extension. If you have registered and the business owners sue you then without any other thoughts you should give it to the business owner. This is the courts rule. So have a keen eye on it. If you google you domain name you will identify if any business is existing with the domain name.

So there no need to panic with trademark issues.


History of a Domain Name and its website:

You can check you domain name history with Wayback Machine. It will show the history of the websites with the domain names. Sometimes the previous website might have been blacklisted or been misused for wrong purpose. It might show negative impact for few months after starting your new website.

Wayback Machine is the largest archive of websites. Enter you domain name of webpage address to identify whether the webpage is archived in the internet or not. Wayback machine is also helpful in legal issues as well. Check Wayback Machine Legal for FAQ’s.


SEO Issues on buying old domains:

Buying an older domain is not a wise job until and unless you’re a webmaster and have handful of experience in disavowing the bad links. Matt Cutts has a special video on buying old domains.

Social Media Accounts:

Finding the social media account(facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram) usernames and URLs become most irritating after the domain name registration. It becomes very hard to register the same social media name suitable to our domain name. If you see my Facebook page is I really hated to add “Official” in the end but I’m in vain. “” was not available and someone has already registered. And when it comes to Twitter, I have observed its very hard to find the perfect username for twitter too. So my advice is to check the social media account usernames and unique URLs before registering the domain name.